Issue with Bluetooth and Spotify

Hi there!

I installed balenaCloud on my Rasberry Pi3. I used to have problems with Dockerfile.template because I had to change the ‘d’ to capital ‘D’. But after doing that it uploaded nicely. Now I want to connect my device to the speakers. When I use Spotify, the device doesn’t show up as a ‘Spotify Device’, it’s invisible. I have Spotify premium account so this shouldn’t be an issue.
The other problem is the Bluetooth. My phone finds the balenaSound and it connects but there is no sound when I play music or video. Also after a few minutes it disappears as an option from the Bluetooth list, I mean I can’t see it on the Bluetooth list on my phone, but it still connected somehow.
What should I do? What is the problem?
I would use Spotify so I would like solve that problem first.

Hi @Nutella02,

If you want to use Spotify Connect over the internet, you’ll need to provide your Spotify credentials. To enable Spotify login you can add your username/e-mail and password, which are set with two environment variables: SPOTIFY_LOGIN and SPOTIFY_PASSWORD. It sounds like you configured that, but can you confirm?

For the output issue, it could be related to the volume settings. This can be set with the SYSTEM_OUTPUT_VOLUME environment variable. The balenaSound docs page also has some other troubleshooting tips. Also, balenaSound has a Deploy to balena option, which will provide base configurations and load the GitHub content automatically. You can also add environmental variables during the application-creation.


Is there an option to give my Spotify credentials to balenaSound?


Yes, in the balenaCloud dashboard, click on the balenaCloud application, then click on “Device variables”. Create two new variables SPOTIFY_LOGIN (your email address usually) and SPOTIFY_PASSWORD. I’ve just done a fresh deployment on an RPi 3 and notice that the bluetoothXXX device is not staying visible in Spotify. I’ll check with our engineers on this.

Also, if you’re using just a single device, create another device environment variable called DISABLE_MULTI_ROOM and set the value to 1.


This sound good. I’m a beginner at this can you explain me this step-by-step? I mean, I found the ‘Add Device Variables’ option but I don’t know what should I write in the boxes. Can you show me this configuration step-by-step?

Hi, here is the link with the detailed description on how to enter variables:

Here is the GitHub issue that my colleague commented on when he tested the Spotify integration and it did not work for him:


Hi there! It looks like I solved the problem. Now I’m able to see the device on ‘Spotify Connect’. The problem is that there is no sound when I play the song. On Spotify I can see that the song is on but I can’t hear it. I’m using a HiFi berry AMP 2 and HiFi berry digi. What is the issue? What should I do?


Have you configured your device to use the Hifiberry DAC? See here: