BalenaSound not showing up as a device for Spotify connect

After installing BalenaSound on my Raspberry Pi B+, I could see my device show up as a connect option in Spotify, after rebooting due to it not connecting it no longer shows up as a connection option. Nothing shows up under the BalenaCloud terminal when I am trying to view the logs for Spotify.

OS: balenaOS 2.46.1+rev1 Production

Hi @JTech_Defiant,

Thanks for writing. We’re looking into this and will get back to you.


Hi [@JTech_Defiant,

Spotify Connect only works with Spotify Premium accounts (due to the use of the librespot library). Can you confirm you’re using a paid Spotify account?



I did some investigation and had a similar issue getting Spotify to see the balenaSound device. There’s an existing bug related to alsa sound that may be helpful: I found that by adding RUN install_packages alsa-utils in the ./spotify/Dockerfile.template effectively reinstalled Alsa and solved the issue. Can you check that and see if you get a similar result?