internetspeedtest: resend information via mqtt

I downloaded the internetspeedtest fleet and this one comes with grafana, mqtt and the speedtest along with other services.
As I’m super new to, what is the “preferred” way to customize/develop on top of the existing framework? so I don’t lose the “update”-functionality, but can do the following for my usecase:

  • send the test JSON via my own MQTT (not the internal one), so I can reuse the information?

I could go and edit the python-script within the speedtest-service, but this would break the update, I guess?

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

Hi there,
unfortunately it is not yet possible to customize the apps downloaded from BalenHub. We are already discussing internally how we can handle these kinds of interactions in the easiest way. At the moment the easiest solution would be to fork the application by clicking on “fork this fleet” and modify the code starting from that base. This will of course, as you said, break the update.
However, I inform you that we are actively working to make this type of interaction possible. Thank you for reporting

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