Internet Speed Test

Just getting to grips with the Balena Hub, I deployed the Internet Speed Test on an old Pi3 I had lying around, everything seemed to be running happily but when I log on to the Graphana page no data is avaible. I’m new to this so please be gentle!

Hi Jody,


When you look at the application in the balenaCloud dashboard, can you see the various services and are they all running? If so, it may be that you have a dashboard generated in grafana, but you can’t find it. On the left menu there is an icon with 4 squares, click that and then select “manage”. In that screen you might find the dashboard. In my screenshot mine is called “BLE” because I’m hacking something else. :slight_smile:

Let me know what you find.

Thanks for coming back to me Phil, all the services are running happily, I can find the dashboard in Graphana but it looks like it is below.

No obvious errors in the log either…


Hi again Jody - can you restart the speedtest service and watch the logs. You should see it perform a test and log the results. That would at least tell us if the speedtest itself is working.

Hi Phil,

Right, so I reset the speediest, it runs and logs a datapoint. So I set the refresh rate to 1m and watched to see if more tests are run. They seem to run but nothing if pushed to the dashboard. I have save the logs if you need to see them


Jody - could you enable support access on the device and let me know the UUID, and I can take a look.



Access granted


I logged in, opened Grafana and saw this:

Maybe I just have the magic touch. :slight_smile:

I think you do…thanks for your help. Now to complain to my ISP :slight_smile:

Good luck. Do take a look at the readme about setting the server ID for the speedtest, as well though. Just in case you’re currently going out to somewhere far flung and getting an incorrect representation of your real connection speed:

balenalabs-incubator/internetspeedtest: Log your internet download, upload and ping metrics ti influxDB, and Grafana it. Grafana all the things! (