Internet Speed Test set up

Hi - total n00b here - first time using Balena on an old Pi Zero I had kicking around

I have my OS installed and internetspeedtest application is running but when I try to access the Public Device URL I get an error message
" We encountered an error when reaching this device:

UUID 0fa630f9ed43b6bd0761aaedab345c39

tunneling socket could not be established: 500

One possible reason is because nothing is listening on port 80 on the device."

I’m assuming this should take me to the grafana page?

I have forwarded port 80 on my router.

Run out of talent now. Didn’t take long!


Thanks for reaching out. Can you share logs which you are getting with the services running ?

The services might not have come -up properly or err’d out. Ref for capturing device logs: balena CLI Documentation - Balena Documentation

Hi - thanks for responding!

theres a lot in the logs so I’ve dumped it here

It seems to spend hours trying to download and install all the services and then go into a loop or just disppaear into an offline state.

You are correct, the containers just seem to be crash-looping. I am wondering if the project is actually just not compatible with the Pi Zero, as noted by a user here: Raspberry pi zero support? · Issue #3 · balenalabs-incubator/internetspeedtest · GitHub

Looking in balenaHub, I see it asks for a Pi 3 or 4. The Zero uses a different CPU architecture, so, that could be the issue. I will try to duplicate this issue on my Pi Zero here, and let you know what I find out. :slight_smile:

Thanks, that makes sense, I’ll try it on another device… Might treat myself to something new!

Hey @mrdavew, just to add to what David said.

The project indeed is meant to be run on Pi3/Pi4 devices only. Most of the services use raspberrypi3 or arm32v6 based images which won’t work on a Pi Zero. The GitHub issue David linked should track progress to add support for Pi Zero devices, though it might be that small devices don’t have enough memory for the tech stack that’s being used in the project.

Ok, just tested this out, and sure enough my Pi Zero just crash-looped on those containers, but deploying the same project to a Pi 3B worked fine.

So, now we have confirmation. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys… And apologies for wasting your time!

At least I know I was doing it right, if only I had read the requirements properly!

Not a waste of time at all.

We all learned along the way. :slight_smile: