internetspeedtest: how to view/change the test intervals

absolut new to and just downloaded the internetspeedtest fleet. after installation I restarted the “speedtest” service and got the first test right away.
I’d like to view (and perhaps change) the interval for the speedtests. Is there any documentation on the fleets? I didn’t find any to be honest, so I could just browse through and get information on how I can do it myself.


Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile: Glad to hear you’re giving balena a try!

You can definitely change the interval for how often the test runs. We are making use of Speedtest’s CLI under-the-hood (Speedtest CLI - Internet connection measurement for developers), so some of the commands they make available can be configured as part of your Device Service Variables. Documentation for the application can be found at GitHub - balenalabs-incubator/internetspeedtest: Log your internet download, upload and ping metrics ti influxDB, and Grafana it. Grafana all the things!, and if you scroll down a bit through the ReadMe, you’ll see configuring the interval (they call it FREQUENCY) in this section.

Let us know if that helps!