Internet Speed Test - Exporting data from Grafana dashboard.

Hi Everyone, a little advice please if you can.

My ISP messed up my account today by botching an account change and for a brief period of time their system indicated that I had requested that I paid the same for half the bandwidth, Since I don’t trust them to have corrected the mistake I have fired up a spare Pi 4 and installed the Internet Speed Test project (GitHub - balenalabs-incubator/internetspeedtest: Log your internet download, upload and ping metrics ti influxDB, and Grafana it. Grafana all the things!).

It’s all working fine and at the moment my download speeds are as to be expected, but I’m going to leave it run until the next billing period to make sure it doesn’t suddenly get slashed.

So my question is can I export the data from Grafana / the Pi so I can present this to my ISP in the event of a problem ? I can take a screenshot but ideally I would like the up / download speeds and the date & time in a manner that could be imported into a spreadsheet and emailed to them in the event of a problem.

I found out how to export the actual dashboard but that is just that - I don’t want my ISP to be able to reproduce the dashboard, I just want the data that is used to produce the pretty graphs.

Is this possible and if so, how would I go about doing it ?

Thank you everyone, have a good day.


Wow, my Google-Fu was poor today - I’ve just found out how to do it.

Just in case it is not apparent to anyone else, if you look at each component of the dashboard (eg “Download” or “Download History”) you will find that hovering the mouse pointer over the heading makes a drop-down arrow appear.

If you click on that you will find the option to “Inspect” and then “Data”. When in this sub-menu there is the option to download the data from that component as a .CSV.

It is a trivial matter to do this on the other components of interest and simply copy and paste them into one spreadsheet although if anyone knows of a better way of doing this then please post below.

Otherwise problem solved.

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Thanks for sharing your solution @GOTO_GOSUB :call_me_hand: