Project Home internet connection speed provision

Hey folks!

I was looking on the Internet Speed Test project and just thought of a -so called- extensions of that where:

  • the IoT device grabs the connection related data
  • uploads the data to a Cloud Training service (talking with Marc he proposed Edge Impulse ) - please feel free to propose any other service
  • Cloud service trains a model based an these data
  • Models is downloaded on the IoT device which provisions the connection on the next 5 mins (for example)
  • A graph can be created and displayed on Graphana

Feel free to provide any ideas/feedback/corrections to the idea :slight_smile:

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This is very intresting to “predict” how my Internet connectivity will be in the next 5 minutes cc @phil-d-wilson

Deploy the Internet Speed test project on your device and start gathering data. My recommendation is to check how Youtube or other streaming services affect the bandwith speed from your device, etc. to get a good sample of training data.

I think you can follow this tutorial to detect patterns on the data collected Continuous motion recognition

Then once you have the Edge Impulse model, you can use the Edge Impulse Linux SDK to gather the ML model into the balena device and start predicting. Find here some examples GitHub - just4give/balena-edge-impulse-linux made by @mithundotdas

Let us know your next steps :slight_smile:

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Hey @yiorgos1 find this example of socketIO on the ei-processing service → birdwatcher/ at f83a4483cfd1a0a5e8ecf70f57a27e1be003d763 · just4give/birdwatcher · GitHub

Hello @yiorgos1 did you succeed testing Edge Impulse?

Let me know if i can help you more :slight_smile: