Image pulls keep on restarting


I am trying to deploy a screenly ose installation on a Raspberry PI3 and the image downloads keep on restarting. Any ideias?

Hey, without seeing the device we couldn’t really say for certain why this is occuring. Could you provide the device’s dashboard link and enable support access please?

Thanks for the quick reply, here it is:

No problem. I’m looking at the device now. The engine itself seems to be restarting, although I’ve not been able to identify why that is the case. I did find calls to the purge endpoint in the logs, is this something that you have been doing via the dashboard?

Yes I tried to purge the device so it would pull everything fresh

It appears your device was hitting memory errors, and killing the engine because of this. I’ve stopped rabbitmq on your device, to try to reduce the memory footprint, and hopefully the images will download now.

Don’t think it has fixed it though (rabbitmq is still running)

Yup, that didn’t quite work. I’m trying to alleviate some of the work on the device by pulling the images one-by-one. Please don’t make any changes to the device just yet.

ok thanks

Even that caused the engine to restart, there’s something more strange going on here. I also saw some balena engine errors on startup, related to a corrupt docker store. If bandwidth isn’t an issue for you, I’d like to try and clear the docker state to see if this helps the situation?

Yeah that is odd, bandwidth is not an issue go ahead :slight_smile:
I can also just re-flash the sd card if that is easier

Whilst trying to do that I’m getting a bunch of mmc errors, there’s a good chance your SD card is broken at this point. I’ve give another flash a try or replacing the card would be my next move.

oki thanks

No problem, let me know how it goes!

I’ll keep you in the loop

It’s pulling the images now

It was going ok but now it seems to have gone back to the Supervisor restarting “issue”

Did you use the same SD card or did you replace it?

same sd card can only try a new one tomorrow

Please do try the new one and then let us know.