Container build problems with a screenly-ose x64 image for the pi 3

Hello, i’ve downloaded a screenly-ose image for my balenaOS 2.65.0+rev1 on my Model 3B+ Revision: 1.3 Ram: 1 GB Sony UK. when trying to build the containers i get the following error with every container:

[Build] srly-ose-celery standard_init_linux.go:211: exec user process caused “exec format error”
[Build] Built 5 services in 0:04
[Error] Deploy failed
The command ‘/bin/sh -c pip install --no-cache-dir -r /tmp/requirements.txt’ returned a non-zero code: 1

On the screenly forum i was asked to post this here, as it seems to be a wrong -architecure-issue on balena site.

Thans in advance for any hints

Hi @Konni, first of all welcome to balena forums!

Can you please specify the image you would like to deploy? Are you following a certain tutorial or blog post? How are you deploying your code (via balenaHub, balena push, etc)?

(I’d like to understand if there is any outdated blog post or image that might cause this)

There is the Screenly OSE application in balenaHub. Have you tried this one?

Indeed, it sounds like architecture issue defined in the dockerfile. It’d be good to see the dockerfile you are using.

hello! Thank you for your reply!

i’ve cloned this repository and deployed it using the balena instructions found in the same repository. Which uses a deploy script as suggested on the on the screenly forum

Thank for your time!

Hello @konni,

I tried using the “Deploy with balena” button on that repository, which builds the application in the background (without the CLI) and deploys it either a new application or as a new release to an existing application if that name already exists in your account. (You can choose after you click on the button.) I chose “Raspberry Pi3” as the device type. It built successfully for me, so perhaps you’d like to give that a try first and see if you get the same error?

Hello, thanks a lot for your help. I feel like i’ve missed the elephant in the room. I did not bother to try the non 64bit version. But it turns out that and the deploy button @alanb128 mentioned did solve the problem. Was there any way for me to know that i should not pick the 64bit version for this repo?

Hi :wave: @konni so I guess it works now, right? So what probably happened here was that you tried to run a 64bit container on a 32bit OS. You can’t do that. You can do the other way around. Meaning if you had a 64bit OS you could run 64bit containers and 32bit ones.

Hey @Konni, good to hear you got this working. A quick question back to your question : )
In your first time with the issues, any chance you remember the screenly-ose version you deployed yourself (before using DeployWithBalena button)?

I’m asking this as I saw this issue with 64-bit architecture type and it was fixed recently:

I suspect that you might tried to deploy a version without the fix and you got similar errors. Then yesterday using the Deploy with Balena button worked fine as you deployed the latest version with the fix.