Downloading image ' problem

I was able to run screenly-ose on two devices (raspberry pi 3) after a few days I wanted to run the application on the next six. Unfortunately, none of them can complete the installation. downloading services usually reaches tens percent and start anew, never ends. Download and run only “redis” in the logs window “Downloading image ' …” has no errors. How to diagnose the cause? the screenly-ose application is definitely good, it works on 2 devices

Hi, this sounds like it could be network related perhaps. What sort of internet connection are these devices on?

Hi, I tested in three locations, LTE, 100Mbps and 300Mbps optical fiber

Ah, solid internet connections then! Can you grant support access to one of the failing devices and give me the URL and I’ll take a look?

sorry, I’m new in balenacloud, how this URL look like ?
UID is c630f536af899384b9d2c65dfb3a4820, support access granted

No problem, the UUID is plenty. I’ll take a look now, thanks.

What make of SD card do you have in this device? The IO is very slow and there are some IO-related errors in the kernel logs. Additionally, you data partition is full (which is the root cause of the apps failing to download) although I am struggling to find out where precisely the space is being used due to the slowness of the IO. Are you able to verify this card is functioning correctly?

You have right, i have slow SD card 11Mbps, is there any chance to download services one by one ? now, five services are download in the same time.

Hi @astar, we don’t currently support it and that’s a good feature request. I submitted it on your behalf into our internal tracking system.

Checking with my team, I hear that we’ve been investigating this actually (limiting the number of parallel downloads). We’ll update this thread as we make progress on that feature.

On another note: Could you enable delta updates?

This would lower the download size on the consequent updates. Perhaps it could help a bit in your case.

Furthermore, you could try hacking a solution by adding your services one at a time to your docker compose file after each one is downloaded.

thank you @wrboyce and @wrboyce for helping, new sd cards solves problem