Image downloads keep crashing with ECONNRESET

Its trying to pull the screenly images, and has managed to download redis and screenly-websocket, but the last three ones keep downloading, then restarting when they hit ~60%. Then theres a error like this:
Failed to download image ‘’ due to ‘read ECONNRESET’

I checked the free memory during the download, and its getting quite low (20mb free), but not empty.
Any ideas? Maybe stop all but one download? Any other ways to push the images?

EDIT: It fixed itself after a day. Seems like one of the images got a 404 error, so the rest downloaded OK while the last one downloaded later. /shrug

Hi @Nixono

In order to help us investigate further, could you please send us the following information?

  • Device type
  • balenaOS version
  • The approximate sizes of the images.

Thank you, and kind regards

Device: Model 3B+ Revision: 1.3 Ram: 1 GB Sony UK
OS: balenaOS 2.51.1+rev1 (development)
Images: redis, screenly-celery, screenly-server, screenly-viewer, screenly-websocket
Not totally sure about their sizes… Followed the screenly balena tutorial:

The issue resolved itself (due to another error delaying some downloads), but yeah, was´nt perfect.

Hey @Nixono,
As you’ve noticed we’ve deployed a fix for the 404 error you were seeing, and I believe that has caused the rest of the problems.
Please let us know if you encounter the same problem again so that we can keep digging.