Hung at "Update UTMP about System Runlevel Changes"

It shows an [OK] but it is eternally hung there. I intend to flash my hard drive with a provided balena image. I read it has something to do with the video drivers. My graphic card is a nvidia quadro m2000. Any suggestions? Thank you!

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i dont know any IOT devices that use a quadro M2000
DO NOT FLASH YOUR DESKTOP with a balena image

Thank you for your insights @osde8info. Any reason why I should not do that? Balena encourages so in order to collaborate with the cause. “Pick your spare desktop and go on”, they say. Thank you very much!

Hey @amespuga,
Thanks for giving the project a try. Can you provide some more details regarding your current workflow and the device you are trying this on?

Which image have you downloaded, the Generic x86_64?

When do you see the above message?


Thank you @rahul-thakoor. Everything went as you describe in your guide.
I downloaded the generic x86_64 image, flashed it with Balena Etcher into a pen drive. Plug the pen, the PC loads the Balena logo, the PC turns off. Unplug the pen, turn the PC on. Logo again. I pressed an arrow so I could see the command prompt. It goes on and stops at the message "Started Update UTMP about System Runlevel Changes”. Stuck there for hours.

My desktop is a Dell Precision Tower 7810, as it comes.


I had the same problem. When I booted first, it said
could not move mount point: sys/firmware/efi/efivars no such file or directory
A start job is running …
It seemed to hang, so I rebooted the computer and had the same problem as described in the first post.

So I reinstalled using the USB-Stick, but didn’t rebooted the computer when I saw the same message as before. After approx. 3 mins, it said
FAILED to start Resin active root partition mount service
DEPEND Dependency failed for Balena rollback checks health.
A start job is running for Expand resin-data partition

I have a HP Workstation Z210 and used the Generic x86_x64 image.

sorry my bad ! it seems that the balena mktg dept has completely redefined what balena is ! it used to be an OS for IOT devices they now seem to have secretly launched a ‘desktop’ edition that i know nothing about so please disregard any comments i made about desktops i know nothing about how the new balena desktop edition works

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Any update on this issue?

I have a Toshiba Tecra i5 laptop and I have the same problem.

I know its not the laptop as this build works fine -


  • following the instructions here -
  • although the keyboard and mouse don’t work but I can get access through the web interface.

The Balena Cloud version - balena-cloud-Covi19-genericx86-64-ext-2.48.0+rev5-v10.8.0.img - although it looks the same, seems to have an issue.

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OK - I had a go at fixing this and I seem to have got it to work (sort of) - the keyboard still doesn’t work - but Hey!! - you can’t have it all!.
I can now see my Toshiba Tecra in the Balena Cloud Desktop and shows up in my Boinc account - result!

If anyone wants to try out my “fix” and maybe improve on it - you are very welcome!
You can get it here-


The linked page does not exist :frowning: