stuck on update succussful, rebooting

We have a device balena dashboard stuck on update successfull, rebooting.

We also cannot see the list of services.

Can you please investigate as I suspect some balena files have been corrupted. We do not use SD cards, but eMMC on a Diamond Floyd system.

Hi @sjh37,

Thanks for reaching out. Can you give us support access or send out a log dump for us to investigate further?


The chargepoint where this is installed had to be turned off so nobody tries to use it.
I am told it will be turned on, on Wednesday 15th from 8:30am (GMT) onwards where you will have support access. Would you be able to give us support on this day? I don’t mind paying extra for your support.

Hi @sjh37, if you are interested in paying for support, where we can help you in a far more timely manner, feel free to upgrade to the Prototype plan for a month. Then you’ll have access to our paid support portal where we can help you in real time chat.

Thank you. We are already on the Pilot plan for a year.

Hi @sjh37,

Will the access be only be enabled for that day or a smaller timeframe? If the window is smaller, can you dump the logs from the device and send us. Following link can be handy:



Another question - is the device only available for a limited time for support agents to access starting from Wednesday 15th 8:30GMT? Does it require an on-site technician during support windows? If so, I recommend you reaching out to us via paid support channels, since you’re on a paid plan. You can reach us via these channels from your balenaCloud dashboard at the bottom right – there’s a tab labeled “Need help?”. Generally the response times will be shorter, in case the issue on your device is time-sensitive.

On the other hand, if the issue is not limited by the presence of an on-site tech or it’s not time-limited in any other way, feel free to reach out to us on Wednesday via the channels mentioned above and we can take a look at the device together. Thanks!


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I have enabled support access to the whole fleet for a week.
The engineer will do some work on the charge point at 8:30am and won’t turn it on right away.
The plan is to turn it on on Wednesday at 9am as some work needs to be done to it beforehand.
The 2nd one will be turned on later that day.
My phone number is [REDACTED], however I won’t be in Exeter, but I am in touch with the engineer who is there turning it on and can physically do things there for us.

Hi @sjh37,

When you reach out to us tomorrow, can you please use the private support chat like my colleague suggested? That way we see your request quickly and are responding to you while the tech is on-site.

You are currently in our public Forums, and we are not able to commit to an SLA here.

Thank you,