Hummingboard OS update?

The latest Hummingboard OS is v1.6.0 and is missing, among other things, kernel module(s) for device mapper.

Version 1.26.0-rc0 from staging (with live config.json values) leaves the device in a constant reboot cycle after the splash screen.

Is there a solution?

– ab1

Hey, we’ll check that out. Should have an update lined up, but don’t have any concrete timeline yet.

By the way, what are you using the device mapper module on the Hummingboard? Anything else you miss from that release, just for reference?

I am using the crypto-loop to mount an encrypted partition where the runtime lives. Not sure what else is missing, but from previous experience probably xt_set.

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@ab1 reading from the issue convo it seems linux4kix is close to have a 2.0 image, good news!

@curcuz how are you guys going with this? any updates?

The Hummingboard Resin OS latest version is still v1.6.0.

Is there a planned update to v2 and if not, perhaps this platform should be removed all together?