ResinOS updates from the dashboard

You are the first one to hear this, if you haven’t noticed yet! A new experimental feature added to this week is the ability to run resinOS updates for your devices right from the dashboard! There are some caveats, limitations, and have I mentioned that it’s an experimental feature?

Currently this is enabled:

  • for the Raspberry Pi series and for BeagleBone Black
  • for devices that are at least at resinOS 1.16.0

If this applies to your devices, navigate to the Actions page (on the left sidebar on your device overview), and you can find this new action:

If you start, the device will go through an automatic update, that you can follow the process in the overview that pops up, or in the device overview. The update should take somewhere between 10-30 minutes, depending on your network connection (and the speed of your device).

Some notes about the update:

  • it’s experimental, but we’ve done more than 200 updates to devices (last time I heard concrete numbers), so did go through some test (and thanks for our beta testers!
  • this update will notice if the host OS was modified, and will stop the update process, without you losing those modifications. As we are moving to read-only host OS, every change from the expected is treated as a stop sign, and require manual intervention. You won’t lose anything, though, just need to reboot your device, and the original system should function
  • we can update other resinOS versions before 1.16.0, but those are currently done manually. If you have an older device that you’d like to “promote”, let us know here!

Otherwise, we are looking forward hearing your experience!



is this feature disabled since original post?
I have RPi2 device with Resin OS 2.0.0+rev3 (prod) but I can’t update it remotely as there is no button to do so under Actions.

Thanks for info.

at this moment, this is only available for devices on the 1.X versions.
Stay tuned as we will have this option for 2.X devices soon.

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Hey @ky3orr the original feature is there for eligible 1.x devices. The 2.x device updates are under beta testing at the moment, and will be available as self-service later, if you are interested, we can run the update for your (see the announcement at Beta testers: resinOS 2.x updates! :slight_smile: