Raspberry pi 1 stuck on upgrade and configuration of container

I have a Raspberry pi 1 classic on Resin OS 2.9.6+rev1 that had stopped updating to the latest commits it constantly rebooted and is online only for a few minutes at the time.
I used the tools for staged-releases to force it onto the new commit of my application. Which was indicated by a pin on the resin dashboard but it didn’t start to download it.
So I asked it to upgrade the OS to the latest, and now it’s doing both and seem to be stuck with that for the last 12h
I have granted support access

Is it possible to get the device into a continuous rebooting stage? My device is not online for more than a minute or two and is now both doing an os_upgrade and configuring a new application. It has now been stuck for 13 days.

Really need some resin team help help on this if possible. Thanks in advance

The reason for the constant rebooting was an earth ground problem with sensors and the Pi, mysterious how it occured in combination with an upgrade and that it sometimes was able to endure several minutes before rebooting. But anyway it is now solved.


Glad that you got to the bottom of this! Let us know if you have any other issues with the resinOS update feature.