How to make Bootable USB Drive normal?

So, I installed Pop Os via BalenaEtcher on an micro SD Card via SD Card reader which has USB out, and ran it, which worked, I booted on Pop Os.

Now I want to make the Bootable USB SD card back normal. I am on windows 10, and I tried going to command prompt (as admin) then use diskpart to clean the USB, which resulted in “access denied”. Disk Management is also the same.

What to do? Help.

Hello, if you have already tried running that as admin, it could mean that write protection is enabled on the drive. Have a look at the steps described in (or any other guide, there should be several) on how to remove that. Also, did you already try formatting it by right-clicking on the drive and selecting Format?

I can’t see the drive in “This Pc” after I did the command “attributes disk clear readonly” in command prompt (as admin) it said unable to complete action, then drive came in “This Pc” and the normal format drive came and I tried formatting, but it said, " Windows was unable to complete the format." (image below).

There is no physical read-only switch on the micro sd card or the sd card reader. The micro sd card is in the correct slot with no read-only switch.

I’m trying the other methods mentioned on your shared URL, and will update here.

Edit: The Regedit method didn’t work, I’ve download the partition app, which failed then created a partition and then I tried formatting it, drive is not accessable. While doing one of those stuff in partition app, it showed like more than 2000+ bad sectors. I’m currently, wiping partition, then creating partitions again, hope it works…

Thanks, keep us posted if it works out!