Not sure how to turn the bootable USB back to a normal one

I had a Windows 10 operating system, where i was flashing Ubuntu to the USB, flashing was successful and i now had Ubuntu on a PC.

Installed Ubuntu on my PC
And it works just fine

But how do I turn the bootable USB back to normal? When i used balenaEtcher, several partitions were made in the drive.

I will be doing this process on Windows 10.

Hi there!

It should be as simple as re-formatting the drive. To do so from Windows, I’ll link you to a helpful guide here: How to format a USB flash drive on Windows 10 | Windows Central

However, if you’ve successfully installed Ubuntu & are feeling adventurous I’d also suggest giving it a try from your new Ubuntu install How to Format USB Drive on Linux

The good news is, you can always re-format again if something goes wrong - just remember that formatting destroys any data on the device so always back up first if there’s anything important on there you want to keep!

Thanks for your response.

As i said, 3 drives would show up whenever i plugged in my USB after flashing it with balenaEtcher. Do i format all of the drives named “Unidad de USB”? They all appear to be in RAW format.


The number of drives shown by your Windows machine depends on the number of partitions that the flashed Linux image has. In order to change it back to a “single” drive, you may follow the instructions for Windows in this blog post: Etcher broke my USB stick … or did it?

There is also a separate set of instructions on the same blog post if you want to reset the USB drive using Linux. As mentioned by my colleague, don’t forget to copy any important data that you may want to keep out of the USB drive before reformatting it.

I can’t convert to normal usb after putting Xubuntu. Please help me.