Green Artifacting in the Application

Here is a screenshot I took:

It seemingly works fine for actually flashing. I am on Windows 10.

Hi and welcome to the forums!
I never experienced even a similar issue, could you please try with any previous version and see if anything changes in the UI? You can find all Etcher releases here

Also what’s the screen resolution on your PC?

I have tried a previous version, same issue. Screen resolution is 1440p.

Hello, can you try running running etcher directly from the command line and passing the --disable-gpu option?

How do I run from the command line?

Hello @aaronth07,

One windows, can you open the command terminal (windows key + r then cmd), go to the folder where etcher is installed, in my case, for example, it is in:


Then open etcher disabling gpu acceleration with: balenaEtcher.exe --disable-gpu
Let us know if it works for you.