Win10 etcher 1.5.39 write process ended unexpectedly

X64 version. This is so frustrating. I have been waiting for literally multiple weeks to try to get this image onto an SD card and this is really causing un necessary stress. Is there an older version I can try at your suggestion?

Hi, sorry for the inconvenience.

Can you give us a bit of information on what are you trying to do? What image , if okaye to share the information, are you trying to flash? When this issue happens, is there any error message in the debug console? (You can bring the debug console up by pressing “Ctrl+Shift+I”

Also seems to have an issue opened recently on the Etcher issue tracker:

We are looking into this.

Good afternoon

It is retropie that I am trying to load and I will load the debugger when I get back to the house

Thank you – let us know if you can get hold of additional information in the debug console.

Good Morning

I wasnt really sure what I was looking for

i took a screen shot of what came up and I only see one warning. when I hovered over the warning it said invalid property value. I am not sure if this is causing my issue or not.

Thank you for your time

We are still investigating this and thanks for the extra info.
Could you click on the console tab (you have currently focused the elements tab).
If this is blocking you, we would suggest you to try using etcher v1.4.4 or v1.4.5 for now.

You can get older versions of etcher from

Thanks guys

Here is the console tab

It’s surprising that we don’t see any warning or error in the console that could give us a hint about the error that you are experiencing.
We will continue investigating this and get back to you once we have something to share.

Thank you for working with me. I tried both other versions and had the same problem come up. I redownload the image file and same thing.


@Krweldon1977 this issue should be fixed in Etcher >= 1.5.44