File open in Flash OS image

I downloaded BalenaEtcher 1.7.9 onto a Windows10 Dell PC. When I tried to open the file in my downloads it will not open even though it tries to open but never does. I was going to delete it and try to download again, however when I try to delete it I get the following message. " The action cant be completed because the file is open in the Flash OS images to SD cards and USB drives"
I have removed the USB stick I was planning on using ,but I it still wont let me delete the file. This is my first time using this product, so not sure what to do.

Hello, if you reboot the PC are you then able to delete the file? You could also download again under a different name. Windows should automatically add (1) to the filename.

Hi Alan,
Thanks, I did a hard shutdown and when it came back up I was able to delete the file. I then downloaded it again and it worked just fine.

Thanks for your help,