Failed to flash HIVEOS

Hi, I can’t flash the HIVEOS file to my SSD. it keep saying the error message user did not grant permission.


Hi Steve,

I have some clarifying questions:

  • Are you using balenaEtcher to flash HIVEOS?
  • Are you running balenaEtcher on Windows?
  • If so, have you tried running it as administrator?
    Can you please share what OS and what version of Etcher you are running balenaEtcher on?

Kind regards,

Hi Steve,

were you able to solve the problem or can you provide some extra info Julia asked?


hello! the same happens to me
balenaetcher balenaEtcher-1.19.21.Setup in windows 11
try as administrator
prove hive-os img win and linx
I reflashed many times and it’s always the same error