balenaetcher not working for windows

balenaetcher{stack:Error: User did not grant permission message:User did not grant permission.
Windows 10
balenaetcher 1.5.104
how to resolve?

Hi, looks like your user does not have the necessary permissions to write to the disk/card you’re trying to flash. Can you run etcher as administrator?

hi, i face the same problem here, and i tried to run etcher as administrator but still get the Error: User did not grant permission message.
still don’t know how to resolve this problem.

by the way this is the error picture i capture from the developer tool.

hey there,

Can you please confirm the following:

  1. which balenaEtcher version are you using?
  2. When you attempt to flash an image, do you see a prompt from Windows asking you to allow etcher to make changes?


Something changed between 1.5.109 and 1.5.104. 1.5.104 would elevate and prompt via UAC when I started the flash. 1.5.109 does not and gives this error.

A workaround is to run 1.5.109 as administrator.

Hi there, I’ve just deployed a fresh Windows 10 x64, installed Etcher 1.5.109 and flashed an image to USB. I started Etcher normally and got an elevation prompt after hitting the flash button.

Are you able to default all UAC settings and try again please?