Failed to download image in balenaSound setup

Hi everyone, I am trying to install balenaSound to my Raspberry Pi 1 Model B, but the image downloads keep restarting with the “Failed to download image” error; this happened 9-10 times in a row. How should I proceed? Thank you in advance.

Hey there @oztoygar and welcome to the forums.

Could you share some more of the error messages from the logs where you’re seeing this? Some basics to check though would be to use the ‘Device health checks’ tool under the ‘Diagnostics’ menu on the left in the dashboard. If anything is flagged up here that should give us some idea of where to look next but if you can also share logs as well that would be helpful :+1:

Hey @oztoygar.

Have you had any success with the tips the colleague suggested before? Just want to make sure you have proper balena experience!