Etcher v1.2.0 release

The latest Etcher is out, get it from!

This release contains a new and overhauled writing pipeline, while also introducing usbboot capability for Raspberry Pis, and also fixes some long standing issues across all platforms!


  • Display actual write speed
  • Add the progress and status to the window title.
  • Add a sudo-prompt upon launch on Linux-based systems.
  • Add optional progress bars to drive-selector drives.
  • Increase the flashing speed of usbboot discovered devices.
  • Add eye candy to usbboot initialized devices.
  • Integrate Raspberry Pi’s usbboot technology.


  • Fix bzip2 streaming with the new pipelines
  • Remove Linux elevation meant for usbboot.
  • Fix LIBUSB_ERROR_NO_DEVICE error at the end of usbboot.
  • Gracefully handle scenarios where a USB drive is disconnected halfway through the usbboot procedure.
  • Make sure the progress button is always rounded.
  • Fix permission denied issues when XDG_RUNTIME_DIR is mounted with the noexec option.
  • Fix Etcher being unable to read certain zip files
  • Fix “Couldn’t scan the drives: An unknown error occurred” error when there is a drive locked with BitLocker.
  • Fix “Missing state eta” error when speed is zero
  • Fix “Stuck on Starting…” error
  • Fix situations where the process would get stuck while flashing


  • Add the Python version (2.7) to the CONTRIBUTING doc.
  • Remove duplicate debug enabling in usbboot module.
  • Update Electron to v1.7.9
  • Retry ejection various times before giving up on Windows.