Etcher v1.1.0 release

The latest Etcher is out, get it from!

After the amazing v1.0.0 Etcher release, we decided to focus on polishing the overall product, paying most technical debt, and fix many of the remaining bugs we know about.

This version doesn’t include any major changes, but tons of improvements to keep making Etcher the most robust image flasher out there. We hope you like it!


  • Add image name, drive name, and icon to OS notifications
  • Add support for .sdcard images
  • Start publishing RPM packages
  • Generate single-binary portable installers on Windows
  • Show friendlier error dialogs when opening an image results in an error
  • Generate one-click Windows NSIS installers
  • Show the application version in the WebView banners
  • Show a warning message if the selected image has no partition table
  • Make use of pkg to package the Etcher CLI
  • Send anonymous analytics about package types
  • Minor style improvements to the fallback success page banner
  • Turn the update notifier modal into a native dialog


  • Fix “You don’t have access to this resource” error at startup when behind a firewall
  • Fix UNABLE_TO_VERIFY_LEAF_SIGNATURE error at startup when behind a proxy
  • Reset webview after navigating away from the success screen
  • Fix occasional increased CPU usage because of perl regular expression in macOS
  • Don’t install to C:\Program Files (x86) on 64-bit Windows systems
  • Fix “file is not accessible” error when flashing an image that lives inside a directory whose name is UTF-16 encoded on Windows.
  • Fix various interrelated Windows .bat spawning issues
  • Fix 0.0 GB Windows drive detection issues
  • Cleanup drive detection temporary scripts in GNU/Linux and macOS
  • Ensure no analytics events are sent if error reporting is disabled
  • Retry various times on EAGAIN when spawning drive scanning scripts
  • Don’t break up size numbers in the drive selector


  • Remove “Advanced” settings subtitle
  • Remove support for the ETCHER_DISABLE_UPDATES environment variable
  • Swap speed and time below the flashing progress bar