Etcher 1.0.0-beta17 release


The latest Etcher beta is out, get it from Here’s the changelog below:


  • Fix command line arguments not interpreted correctly when running the CLI with a custom named NodeJS binary.
  • Wrap drive names and descriptions in the drive selector widget.
  • Allow the user to press ESC to cancel a modal dialog.
  • Fix “Can’t set the flashing state when not flashing” error.
  • Fix writing process remaining alive after the GUI is closed.
  • Check available permissions in the CLI early on.
  • Fix this.log is not a function error when clicking “flash again”.
  • Fix duplicate drives in Windows.
  • Fix drive scanning exceptions on GNU/Linux systems with net.ifnames enabled.
  • Fix 0x80131700 error when scanning drives on Windows.
  • Fix internal SDCard drive descriptions.
  • Fix unmount issues in GNU/Linux and OS Xwhen paths contain spaces.
  • Fix “Not Enough Space” error when flashing unaligned images.
  • Fix at least one volume could not be unmounted error in OS X.


Just updated on ArchLinux, cheers! :bulb: