Etcher v1.0.0-rc.1 release

The latest Etcher beta is out, get it from!

This version is the last one before the final v1.0 release. We invested a lot of effort in chasing down some of the remaining known bugs, and we’re drastically improving our error reporting functionality to make sure Etcher becomes an extremely robust tool in your workflow.

We hope you enjoy this release, and let us know what you think!


  • Add the un-truncated drive description to the selected drive step tooltip.
  • Prevent flashing an image that is larger than the drive with the CLI.


  • Prevent progress button percentage to exceed 100%.
  • Don’t print stack traces by default in the CLI.
  • Prevent blank application when sending SIGINT on GNU/Linux and macOS.
  • Fix unmounting freezing in macOS.
  • Fix GNU/Linux udev error when net.ifnames is set.
  • Fix ENOSPC image alignment errors.
  • Fix errors when unplugging drives exactly when the drive scanning scripts are running.
  • Fix several unmount related issues in all platforms.
  • Fix “rawr i’m a dinosaur” bzip2 error.


  • Make errors more user friendly throughout the application.
  • Don’t report “invalid archive” errors to TrackJS.
  • Stop drive scanning loop if an error occurs.
  • Don’t include user paths in Mixpanel analytics events.
  • Provide a user friendly error message when no polkit authentication agent is available on the system.
  • Show friendly drive name instead of device name in the main screen.
  • Start reporting errors to Sentry instead of to TrackJS.