BalenaEtcher doesn't work!

Hi Support team,
I downloaded the latest version of BalenaEtcher, but when I launch it , it only shows a white screen. I tried to Uninstall& install it so many times but it didn’t work and i also tried to run it as an administrator and nothing happened.
I’m using Windows 10 (32bit machine).
And thank you in advance.

Hi @usedbytes,

For 32-bit OS’s, we recommend using a specific version of Etcher (v1.7.9), else you will run into this issue where it shows a blank white screen. You’ll actually get that version installed automatically if you choose the “Legacy 32 bit” download from the Etcher Page.

Please give that a try and let us know if using that version specifically resolves the problem for you.

Hi, following up on my colleague’s previous message. Have you tried using the Legacy 32 bit version of etcher (v.1.7.9) with your 32-bit OS? Could you please confirm whether it has resolved the problem for you?

GregB here >> I have the same issue. The Legacy 32 bit version also shows a totally white screen. Also, Rufus doesn’t work either. I don’t know if this pertinent, but this is a Bastard computer from Dell Studio: 64-bit hardware, but 32-bit Windows 10. El Cheepo (El Crappo?)!!!