Etcher v1.0.0-beta.19 release

The latest Etcher beta is out, get it from! There are a lot of bug fixes, an improved UI, and a much awaited warning when trying to flash Windows images!


  • Show warning when user tries to flash a Windows image
  • Update the image step icon with an hexagonal “plus” icon.
  • Update main page design to its new style.
  • Swap the order of the drive and image selection steps.


  • Fix transformRequest error at startup when not connected to the internet, or when on an unstable connection.
  • Prevent flashing the drive where the source image is located.
  • Fix text overflowing on tooltips.
  • Don’t ignore errors coming from the Windows drive detection script.
  • Omit empty SD Card readers in the drive selector on Windows.
  • Fix “Error: Command Failed” error when unmounting on Windows.
  • Fix duplicate error messages on some errors.
  • Fix ‘MySQL’ is not recognised as an internal or external command error on Windows.
  • Ignore stderr output from drive detection scripts if they exit with code zero.


  • Improve validation error message.
  • Emit an analytics event on ENOSPC.
  • Normalize button text casing.
  • Don’t auto select system drives in unsafe mode.
  • Use a OS dialog to show the “exit while flashing” warning.
  • Capitalize every text throughout the application.

Nice new look, you mentioned in the features, but I think it’s worth a screenshot.

The orange for the working button is also awesome, I know it’s just colours, but somehow makes me a happy camper.

Seen @konmouz working on it, it’s really cool to see it out in the wild :slight_smile:

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I built .debs of these for installation on Debian (or Ubuntu) systems for anyone who prefers to use the package manager. These are totally unofficial and unsupported packages!

Again, these are unsupported but they work for me on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

To install, download them and either double-click on them (on Ubuntu or other systems with a graphical package manager) or:


dpkg -i etcher_1.0.0-beta19_amd64.deb
32-bit: ``` dpkg -i etcher_1.0.0-beta19_i386.deb ```

EDIT: I found out that there is already a package repository for Etcher that I didn’t know about. Please see:

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