Etcher v1.0.0-beta.18 release

The latest Etcher beta is out, get it from

Here’s the changelog below:

v1.0.0-beta.18 - 2017-01-16


  • Improve Etcher CLI error messages.
  • Replace the --robot CLI option with an ETCHER_CLI_ROBOT environment variable.
  • Sort supported extensions alphabetically in the image file-picker.
  • Label system drives in the drive-list widget.
  • Show available Etcher version in the update notifier.
  • Confirm before user quits while writing.
  • Add a changelog link to the update notifier modal.
  • Make the image file picker attach to the main window (as a real modal).


  • Fix alignment of single call to action buttons inside modals.
  • Fix “Invalid message” error caused by the IPC client emitting multiple JSON objects as a single message.
  • Fix “This key is already associated with an element of this collection” error when multiple partitions point to the same drive letter on Windows.
  • Fix system drives detected as removable drives on Mac Mini.
  • Fix sporadic “EIO: i/o error, read” errors during validation.
  • Fix “EIO: i/o error, write” error.

Awesome! :slight_smile: Just been playing with Github, and here’s the changes view since the last release, if someone is interested in the deep details:

Cheers @jviotti @lurch @benedict @stefan @alexis !