Etcher "succeeded", but new micro SD card now useless

Hey Everyone,

I “successfully” flashed NextCloudPi to a new Sandisk micro SD card (purchased at the end of September, never used until a moment ago when I used Etcher). As best as I can tell, Etcher made that card completely useless.

Prior to using Etcher, there did not appear to be any mount issues. Now, using lsblk shows the following for the card:

sdc     8:32  1   0B  0 disk 

Following the Linux instructions here and here results in:

dd: failed to open ‘/dev/sdc’: No medium found

This result replicated on my desktop and laptop (both using Fedora 38).

Following the instructions using my work computer (Windows 10 Pro) did not work because the disk is never visible (i.e., list disk shows nothing).

I have ruled out the SD reader (i.e., it works for the other SD cards I have).

I’m not sure what to attempt next so any help would be appreciated.

Other info:

Primary OS: Fedora 38
Work OS: Windows 10 Pro
Etcher: balenaEtcher-1.18.11-x64.AppImage
Flashing: NextCloudPi_RaspberryPi_v1.52.2.img