SD card seems to be killed by etcher

Hi there,

After I upgraded to the latest balenaEtcher version for mac, the writing task fails and the SD disks seem to become unusable.

I am attempting to write raspberry OS on a 16GB and 32GB Sandisk ultra disk. It failed everytime, and it wasn’t even recoverable in Disk Utility for MAC. I’ve tried to format it several times but it fails.

To make sure the problem was not on the SD cards, I ordered a brand new one, flashed it with raspberry pi manager which worked perfectly fine. After that I tried to flash the drive with balenaEtcher again, and the same happened. SD card becomes unusable.

Please advise.

Hello, can you provide exactly what version of BalenaEtcher and MacOS are you using? Also, when it fails what error did you see would help us debug the problem.

I’m running BalenaEtcher v1.5.101 for MacOs.
Running macOS Catalina v10.15.5 over here.

If it already recognises the SD card it fails unexpectedly during the mount of an image.
After this the SD card becomes unreadable for the whole macOS system.

Can you paste here the logs from the devtools console (available with cmd + opt + i) when the issue happens?
With regards to reformatting the drive, have you tried reconnecting it after the flash fails?