Etcher killed my USB stick

You can use the “Rasperry Pi Imager” (official and free) to resolve this issue; Simply launch it, click “Choose Storage” and then format the drive.

Yo man that’s not what should happen luckily like windows has a partition manager could delete and format every thing an reallocate the whole USB. Otherwise a windows tumb drive and the USB also plugged in can also do the work. As well as with Ubuntu or other distro s that come with partition management

Hi, I’ve run into a similar problem but apparently pretty novel because I can’t seem to find anyone who has the exact same issue as me after searching for hours. Basically diskpart reports success when deleting the partition, but if I do list partitions again, the partition is still there. This also happens on every partition software i’ve tried, such as minitool partition wizard. I hit apply and it reports success but the partition remains. “clean” in diskpart fails with an error about semaphore timeout.
on linux i’ve tried deleting the partition with the disks tool, and also attempted “create partition table” with gparted which just froze the second I hit apply
I’m at a complete loss for what to do, because all of the stuff that people are like “OMG THAT WORKED” don’t work for me.

you can use Rufus or diskpart utility