Etcher keeps getting stuck at "Starting"


I used Etcher to write a “Zen Installer” .iso-image to my new Intenso USB-stick. I should say that I have no idea how they prepared the Image but I was be able to install Archlinux with it.

Then I wanted to Flash a Manjaro .iso-image on this stick but Etcher detected the stick, I can start but Etcher was not be able to write. Something must have locked it, it seems.

After that I started my Manjaro Installation and gparted. Gparted detects that this USB-stick has a iso9660 on /dev/sdb. I was able to write a Partition table on this stick and Format it with FAT32(dev/sdb1).

After that I was been able to write a other .iso with Etcher on this stick.

So I ask:
What are the requirements for Etcher to use a USB-stick?
Wouldnt it be nice if Etcher could detect the Problem and Partition and Format the stick if this is required?


Hello @peter_li,

Etcher does not care about the partition table (if any) that is already present on the media being flashed, it just copies the image you provide byte by byte to it.
There is no need to “Partition and Format the stick”, the partition table is in the image you provide.

Do you see a message when Etcher is not able to write? Do you see something in the console (press CTRL + SHIFT + i then go to the console tab).


Yes, I had seen a message that it could not write to the device. I will check for the console message in some hours.