Etcher install fails on openSUSE Tumbleweed (Linux Gecko)

I followed the instructions for OpenSUSE, but the install ran and failed as detailed below. Any thoughts?

I have previously installed successfully on other distros (Ubuntu based mainly)

XXXXXXXX@Linux-Gecko:~> curl -1sLf \
sudo -E bash

OK: Checking for required executable ‘curl’ …
OK: Checking for required executable ‘rpm’ …
OK: Detecting your OS distribution and release using system methods …
^^^^: … Detected/provided for your OS/distribution, version and architecture:

: … distro=opensuse-tumbleweed version=20210219 codename= arch=x86_64
OK: Importing ‘balena/etcher’ repository GPG keys into rpm …
OK: Checking for available package manager (DNF/YUM/Zypper) …
^^^^: … Detected package manager as ‘zypper’
NOPE: Checking if upstream install config is OK …
^^^^: … Failed to fetch configuration for your OS distribution release/version.

: It looks like we don’t currently support your distribution release and
: version. This is something that we can fix by adding it to our list of
: supported versions (see contact us below), or you can manually override
: the values below to an equivalent distribution that we do support:
: … distro=opensuse-tumbleweed version=20210219 codename= arch=x86_64
: You can force this script to use a particular value by specifying distro,
: version, or codename via environment variable. E.g., to specify a distro
: such as SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12, use the following:
: | distro=sles version=12.1 codename= sudo -E bash
!!!: Oh no, your setup failed! :frowning: … But we might be able to help. :slight_smile:
!!!: You can contact Cloudsmith ( for further assistance.
!!!: Last 20 log lines from .csm_setup_PjMcYKkfh (might not be errors, nor even relevant):

Hi, we recently changed PPA provider, have you tried to follow the instructions written in the logs you pasted?

Hi thundron.

Thanks for the response, however I’m not sure I want to be attempting to force any install script to comply with values that I may (likely :smiley: ) get wrong. I’m a user of Linux, sadly not as confident to begin playing in areas where I don’t feel confident.

As I said in my initial report, I have installed and used Balena on multiple Linux distro’s (also Mac OS, and Windoze). So I’ll stick with where I know I am, and ditch the ‘OpenSUSE Tumbleweed’ distro for now

Again many thanks …