etcher exits with illegal operation - core dumped

gherardo@majorana:~/Downloads$ uname -a
Linux majorana 4.4.0-210-generic #242-Ubuntu SMP Fri Apr 16 09:57:00 UTC 2021 i686 i686 i686 GNU/Linux
gherardo@majorana:~/Downloads$ sudo ./balenaEtcher-1.7.9-ia32.AppImage 
/tmp/.mount_balenapXwwab/balena-etcher-electron: line 10:  9064 Illegal instruction     (core dumped) "${script_dir}"/balena-etcher-electron.bin "$@" --no-sandbox

What’s wrong?

Hello, it looks like you are running on Ubuntu 16.04 32 bit? I was not able to reproduce that error on the same version of Etcher and Ubuntu. Are you using any kind of sandbox software? Can you try the command sudo ./balenaEtcher-1.7.9-ia32.AppImage --no-sandbox ?

Hi, I have the same problem on Ubuntu 18.04.6.
I have ubuntu installed on portable/external SSD drive.
When I have this external SSD connected to e.g. Lenovo T470 (with Intel i7 64bit processor) and Ubuntu which is installed there is running - problem do not exist.
While I have the same SSD drive connected to Dell D610 (Intel centrino) and Ubuntu which is installed on external SSD is running - problem appears.
I can see following message after issuing application:
xxxx@tomasz-ext-dsk-wd500gb:~/Downloads$ ./balenaEtcher-1.7.9-ia32.AppImage --no-sandbox
/tmp/.mount_balenapg5DhH/balena-etcher-electron: line 10: 3331 Illegal instruction (core dumped) “${script_dir}”/balena-etcher-electron.bin “$@”
xxx@tomasz-ext-dsk-wd500gb:~/Downloads$ sudo ./balenaEtcher-1.7.9-ia32.AppImage --no-sandbox
[sudo] password for xxxx:
/tmp/.mount_balenaRS7XUz/balena-etcher-electron: line 10: 3345 Illegal instruction (core dumped) “${script_dir}”/balena-etcher-electron.bin “$@” --no-sandbox