appImage fails in Debian 3.16.39 ( 2016)

I am running a distro called SolydXK version 2017 January.
It is based on Debian, but an earlier version dating from 2016.
PC is an HP dx2400 tower, with core 2 duo.
I have been able to run previous versions of etcher but the present one
1.5.115 will not run. It has permission to run as an executable.

Here is the response when I run it on the command line:

./balenaEtcher-1.5.115-x64.AppImage[9014:0127/] The SUID sandbox helper binary was found, but is not configured correctly. Rather than run without sandboxing I’m aborting now. You need to make sure that /tmp/.mount_balenaeRl0yz/chrome-sandbox is owned by root and has mode 4755.
/tmp/.mount_balenaeRl0yz/balena-etcher-electron: line 10: 9014 Trace/breakpoint trap “{script_dir}"/balena-etcher-electron.bin "@”

Hi @etchphild

Your query has already been forwarded to the Etcher team, who will investigate as soon as they are able. Meanwhile, might the info in this issue be of any use to you?

Kind regards

Hello @etchphild

Do other AppImages work on this computer ?
Can you try installing the deb package from Release v1.5.115 · balena-io/etcher · GitHub instead ?