Etcher download shows up blank

I downloaded the Portable Etcher 1.7.8, but all that shows up is a blank window when I open as administrator. The Portable Etcher 1.7.9 download won’t even open. I’m running a Windows 10.

Hi @llp

We are checking this on our end. In the meantime can you share the exact version of Windows you are running? Details here: Which version of Windows operating system am I running?


Hello @nitish, thank you for the reply!


Hi, I’m running 21H2, and Etcher portable is working properly. It should work whether or not you are running as administrator.

What is the last version of Etcher that worked on your PC?

Can you try updating your windows version to see if that fixes the problem?

I have the same issue with Win 7. Both latest versions just show a blank box.

Hi, @safecarwire Can you please share the console output by pressing Ctrl+Alt+I and clicking on the Console, and copying and pasting it here formatted as code (by typing 3 tildes (```) pasting the output on a new line and typing three tildes again)?