#etcher Cannot close pop-up window on Mac OS

After I used BalenaEtcher to create a boot usb, a pop-up window appears saying the USB is unreadable. I realise that makes sense, as the USB now contains a boot image, etc.

HOWEVER, I cannot get that pop-up to respond. I cannot act on any of its buttons, and it persists on the screen until I log out.

Does balenaEtcher cause the pop-up? Is this a glitch?

The pop-up might be from Finder, so I have also asked Apple Support Community if they have any suggestions.

balenaEtcher 1.5.70
macOS Catalina 10.15.3

Screen image:
The Gisk you laserted was not reasable by


balenaEtcher does not cause this pop-up. It looks like the OS is not able to read the USB, and hence the pop-up. Regarding the buttons not working, it certainly has to do with the os.