Etcher app doesn't show, but 5 background process are running...


I have the latest Windows 11 (22H2) installed on my Dell G3 3500, and i’m trying to run Etcher but whatever the version (portable, installed, or legacy version) I had always the same issue : the app launches in the background and this is what my task manager show me :

5 inactive etcher background process… I don’t understand why there are no window showing up
I haven’t found this problem on another topic so i hope someone understands what’s happening here :confused:

(specs : Intel i7-10750H with a GeFore GTX 1660Ti 16GB ram, 512GB ssd and dual boot windows/ubuntu)

And also this last screenshot has been made when launching etcher with Admin privileges, if not it sometimes doesn’t do anything, and sometimes launches like that :