Windows7Pro Etcher wont fully launch

Fresh OS install. Win7Pro about 9 hours old. Download and install was fine, but when launched, I get interface background with settings and back buttons on top right corner. But nothing else loads and clicking the settings or back button does nothing. only has mouseOver effect. any ideas? I reinstalled it 3 times. TIA

Same issue with 1.5.38. Downgraded to 1.4.9 which I happened to still have.

Also tried reinstalling with administrator privileges. Didn’t make any difference just a blank screen like the one @mosfet303 posted. I’m running windows 10.

@MWZotti @mosfet303 1.5.38 has a broken windows installer, please use 1.5.39 from

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ahh yes thank you sir… works great now…thank you!! :c)