Error!Operation failed with: E: Request error: [object Object]

I am trying to delete a fleet via the dashboard. I keep getting the following error pop up in the top right and the fleet won’t remove:

Error!Operation failed with: E: Request error: [object Object]

Slug is: learner_s_block/lb-dev-armv7hf

In the console I see:

[Error] Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 400 ( (application(1831696), line 0)
[Error] Unhandled Promise Rejection: Error: Timed out
	promiseEmptyOnRejected (1.8b139c2c29005bbb5cfb.js:2:2147109)

Did this one resolve itself @Maggie?

Not yet, still can’t delete it.

Any news?

Screenshot 2022-01-31 at 10.34.20

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Hello @Maggie sorry for the delay!

This error means that the API is sending an object instead of a string.

Could you please open the browser console and check what the console is printing? There should be all the description of the error and you will get the content of the object that generates this error.

Could you please share it with us to understand what happens?

ok @Maggie i just read your message from before! Let me ask the team about this!

@Maggie we detected a UI bug that can be related with this issue! We created a github issue, so when we are going to solve this, we will let you know!

Apologizes for taking that long!

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@Maggie a couple of days ago we closed the github issue related with the error that you reported!

Let us know that this is solved :slight_smile:

I am now seeing this error:

Error!Operation failed with: Request error: Can't delete application(s) 1831696 because following devices are still running releases that belong to these application(s): 95d725433c64af130c67a54b12cd0813, 097c117ce959c19dcd5c8205ec825972

There are no devices in the fleet I am trying to delete. The device numbers that are listed have been moved to another fleet.

Thanks for sharing @Maggie let me share this with the team :slight_smile:

This error is occurring because while you moved the devices to a different fleet (let’s call it Fleet B), the devices are still running the release of their original fleet (Fleet A). We are aware of this bug and can let you know when it has been resolved. Until then, in order to be able to delete Fleet A, the devices you moved to Fleet B must download a new release