Error while trying purge or reboot the device "Danger!Operation failed with: E: Request error: [object Object]"

I was trying to purge one of our devices but got a strange error. The same one getting when trying to reboot the same device.


Hello @salmanfarisvp sorry to hear about this, the error message may need to be more specific. I’m creating an internal discussion for improving this situation.

Having said that, could you please introduce more details?

  • Do you have enough rights to purge data or reboot the device?
  • Is the device online?
  • Could you please run Diagnostics on the device and see if there is any issue detected?

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@mpous Thanks for the response.

  • Yes, I have the access to purge data and reboot.
  • Yes, it shows the status as online.
  • Diagnostics not loading.

This is the error showing on the logs

03.12.21 22:57:20 (+0530) Purging data for app 1804672
03.12.21 22:57:20 (+0530) Error purging data: Error: connect ECONNREFUSED /var/run/balena-engine.sock

Hello @salmanfarisvp sorry for the delay! Could you please confirm that you still have the same issue on the device?

You may grant support access so we can get into your device and understand what’s happening to your device.