What does "operation timed out" mean

I keep getting this warning on my devices. What does it mean? It seems to be correlated with times of high network activity, but I can’t be sure.

Any clues would be great.

On the same thought, what does “network request failed” mean?

What is the difference between a timeout and a request failure to balena cloud?

To answer my own question for others, network request failed seems to be correlated with the API going doing according to the status page anyways. While I would guess timeouts are between Balena and the device.

I would love further insight though.

Hi @taclog . The timeout usually means the balenaCloud API has not responded to a request from the dashboard in the time the dashboard thinks it should have. The network failure usually indicates that the dashboard can’t reach the API. I believe both of these are due to the current partial outage we are experiencing you can follow along here: https://status.balena.io/

Thanks, I was just concerned it was my device as I was testing some risker new stuff.

I really appreciate the detail of status.balena.io

No problem, hopefully we will have things up and working soon and then you can get back to testing that risky new stuff :slight_smile:

Hi @taclog , all systems should be back and working now, so you should be good to test your new stuff.

Thanks @shaunmulligan, cheers!