Drives won't be recognized after using etcher

Hey there,

I recently used Etcher on Windows 10 Pro x64 to flash two USB-Sticks, the first with Kubuntu and the second with Manjaro.

Both of these sticks are now completely unusable, and won’t be recognized in Windows or the UEFI.

The only place in which their existence is acknowledged is in Diskpart, but that doesn’t help to recover them. They have NO volumes on them (that’s what Diskpart shows) but their entire size is recognized.

I’d really like some advice on this, and it seems as ifI’m not the only one experiencing this problem! The same devices functioned flawlessly with Universal USB Installer.



I managed to recover the drives by creating a new partition on the unallocated (and completely unrecognized) space which was left on the drive. I used the Diskpart CLI, but the same outcome can be reached with a few clicks in AOMEI Partition Assistant, which is freeware.

Still, very odd and frustrating. I did nothing but follow Etchers obvious directions.