Difference between generic and intel


I’m trying to understand what the difference between the balena-intel and balena-generic is, the intel one seems to be based of the generic except it’s lagging behind on the kernel version.

Any reason there is a balena-intel version?

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Hello @mamoen great question!

The x86_64 bits machines you see on the balena.io/os page are device types we support for balenaOS. The Intel NUC will have drivers related to that specific device. The Generic x86_64 supports a wider variant of drivers and would be more compatible to other x86 devices.

Please let us know the specification of the machines you are trying to connect to balena and what you try so we can help you more.

Hi Martin, please check the answer in FAQs - Balena Documentation. Basically, the Generic x86_64 (GPT) image would be the recommended image for modern x86_64 devices including the Intel NUC.

To close the loop in this thread, the question about versioning was answered in a separate Forums thread: Balena OS upgrade stuck on old kernel