Balena OS upgrade stuck on old kernel


I’ve update an intel nuc to BalenaOS 4.0.11 from BalenaOS 2.115.8. The device shows as updated and I can see in /etc/issue it shows balenaOS 4.0.11. However the kernel seems to still be on version 5.15.

Is this expected?


Yes, this is to be expected, and apologies for the confusion. An internal automated process involving a dependency update of balenaOS caused the major version increase. Let us know if there are any other concerns!


Hi Christina,

Thanks for the clarification, my confusion came from the fact that with generic the kernel version is 6.1 since v3.1.1+rev1 but this does not seem to be the case for the intel nuc.


Hi, the intel-nuc and Generic x86_64(GPT) images are maintained differently - with Intel discontinuing the Intel NUC the Generic images receive more attention. The recommendation is to also use the generic images in modern Intel NUCS (12th/13th gen).

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Thanks @alexgg that’s what we have done now moving over to generic image.

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