Generic x86_64 or Intel NUC image for generic AMD64 CPUs?

We have a number of generic amd64-based PCs(i3~i9, x-series, xeon, etc) and would like to setup balenaOS on all of them.
Currently there are several amd64-images:

Which image is more “common” that supports more boards?
Maybe Generic X86_64? What are the differences if any?


Thanks for reaching out. The x86_64 bits machines you see on the page are device types we support for balenaOS. The Intel NUC will have drivers related to the specific device type. You can use Generic x86_64 that supports a wider variant of drivers and would be more compatible. Please let us know the specs of the machines you are trying this on and how it goes for you. This information would be useful in helping others.

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